Welcome to my brand new blog – Chunky Dunk!

Chunky Dunk is a blog that reviews all the restaurants, recipes, stores and other stuff that everyone always says “you have to try this!” in the Washington, DC area. My Friends and Family make up a large network in the area and there will be plenty to write about.

I am going to be honest here and welcome your feedback, thoughts and opinions. Check back regularly for updates and subscribe for automatic notification when a new article is posted.



About JustFrank

Just a typical Washington, DC Suburbanite - University of Maryland Graduate, loves to spend time with his girlfriend, go out on the weekends, and spend quality time with his family. View all posts by JustFrank

5 responses to “Welcome to my brand new blog – Chunky Dunk!

  • gayle kaplan

    Jason, I LOVE your blog. I am going to try your recipes…they all sound amazing, especially the talapia, Also I only go to 4 restaurants in the area and now I will take your advice on the restaurants you recommend. You are the best. I am your biggest fan…gayle

    • JustFrank

      Thank You, Gayle. I think all the restaurants you go to are my favorites so you picked good ones! By the way, just in case you are worried, I will never share your famous Gayle’s Pulled Chicken recipe.

  • Alisa

    I just love your blog!! If there is a movie, who would you have play you (-:

    Can you do some local So Md reviews since this is your second home?

  • gayle kaplan

    Can you give me the name of a cooking class. I think you and Erin went to one and I want to know if you thought it was good. My sons birthday is coming up and I want to give him that for his birthday. Thanks….
    Going to go make your pumpkin pie.
    I love that all your recipes are easy enough for me to make

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