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Kali’s Court – Baltimore

We went to Kali’s Court in Baltimore with some of Erin’s family a couple Saturday nights ago. None of us had been there before so we didn’t really know what to expect — boy, where we surprised. The restaurant is located on a cobblestone street and sits behind lush trees and shrubbery with a couple of tables outside. Inside the restaurant, you are greeted by a very nice hostess with a bar conveniently located right next to the door, and a dim, intimate atmosphere.

We grabbed cocktails and wine at the bar before we were seated. The wine list is pretty extensive and the red wine that was ordered tasted great (I should remember the name, but I don’t… so sorry). My drink of choice, Vodka Gimlet on the Rocks (of course), was perfectly made and the waiter kept them coming.

The menu here is not very big, but everything looked great. We started with a seafood appetizer which had a couple different kinds of seafood portioned out for each person; it was delicious and made me very excited for dinner. Out of the 8 of us at the table, we ended up getting four orders of Monk Fish and four orders of Bronzino (whole cooked fish) — collectively, (not easily I might add) we decided that the Monk Fish was the better of the two dishes but each were very delicious.

The dessert menu was incredible – the table decided to get a creme brule and dessert cocktails; the Espresso Martini and a Lemon Drop Martini were the perfect ending to a great meal.

This is a great place for a very nice evening out in Baltimore. The meals are not cheap but the atmosphere, food, and experience are worth the trip — definitely a must try!