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Spices – Cleveland Park, DC

We’ve been wanting to go out to dinner with a couple from Hebrew Class and we finally got a chance to last night; since they live in DC and know the area well it was their choice as to where we’d be going — we went to Spices Asian Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Cleveland Park. Stuart and Wendi have been raving about this place, and by raving about this place I mean bringing a Rainbow Salad to class or ordering one as soon as class is over every week (and by Stuart and Wendi, I really just mean Wendi… haha); it honestly didn’t look too good in their take-out boxes, but the menu looked really enticing – a mix of Asian cuisine consisting of sushi, soup, salads, noodles, rice, etc.

The menu was big and offered a lot of different options. We decided to get the Tum Ka soup (coconut milk and lemongrass with chicken), a couple rolls of sushi and an order of Drunken Noodles. I have been talking to Erin about Tum Ka soup for quite some time now and she finally got to try it – it was delicious! The sushi was very average but the Drunken Noodles were great.

Stuart and Wendi got the Rainbow Salad (mango, papaya, tofu, carrots, red cabbage and mint) and an order of Crispy Beef as their entrée. They were nice enough to allow us to try the Rainbow Salad and they were right, it was really good. It is a great alternative to a basic house salad and/or a seaweed salad that you would normally get at an Asian restaurant. We didn’t try their entrée but it looked really good and they said that it tasted great.

Overall, we will likely be returning to this restaurant for a meal and even for take-out (yes, we’ll probably get the Rainbow Salad). The staff was very nice, service was super fast and we were really taken care of while we were there. After our meal, we sat around and talked for a while; even though it was late in the evening, the staff kept our beverages filled and never acted like we needed to leave. This was a great meal with great people and we can’t wait to try other restaurants with them soon.